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BBB proves prophetic

Posted by joelbyer on August 11, 2007

Flossie intensifies, nears Hawaii – Weather –

Well folks, I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but remember how the other night I mentioned about flossing and blogging? Well, it has come to BBB’s headquarter’s attention that …. are you ready? …


2 observations:
1) I – in a sense – kind of predicted this with my dental floss post the other night.

2) Can you say “Hurricane Flossie” with a straight face? If I were a hurricane (which regrettably I am not), I would be rather embarrassed to have a name like that.

3) By “Hurricane Flossie” do they mean that this hurricane is primarily composed of deadly flying floss OR do they mean that this hurricane is coming so fast that one won’t even have time to floss before it hits mainland?

4) Hurricane Flossie also makes me think of the Bobsey Twins.

5) Do any of you think I’m losing my mind?

6) I’m thinking this is more than 2 observations.



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