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Pun Intended

Posted by joelbyer on August 7, 2007

We’re back! Our family made it back to Dawn Valley this evening. We had a great week in Penn View, but we’re looking forward to what God has for us back here at home….

A heating and cooling technician trained a small chimpanzee to help him. The chimp was the perfect assistant. He wasn’t afraid of heights. And because he was small, he could squeeze into ducts to work on them. Best of all, the technician didn’t need to pay him.

   One day, a customer called because his air conditioning was running and running. But the house didn’t seem to be cooling down. The technician examined the cooling system and found a problem in the ducts. The customer asked if it would be difficult to fix. “Nope,” said the technician. “I have a little duct ape that will fix the problem.”


One Response to “Pun Intended”

  1. dougnkim said

    Ha, ha, ha. I’m trying to laugh. 🙂

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