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The pro’s and con’s of my mom…

Posted by joelbyer on August 5, 2007

So anyway, the other day here at Penns Creek Camp, my mom came over for a few hours…which was great…then messed up the youth camp…which was not so great.

See, as she was getting ready to leave, she took the one road around Penn View. Normally, this is fine. However, on that day at that exact time my team for youth camp (Barak’s Blazing Batallions – yes, that was their name – note cool initials), was doing a bicycle race with another team. My beloved mother, pulled her car out in front of MY teammates bike…slowing him down, and causing our team’s bike race time to go up. Actually, it probably didn’t affect the final standings, but anyway, our team finished second out 6. Ezra, would you mind relaying this on to my mom? Maybe we could have some family counselling or something.  (My mom’s great, but she needs to recognize that there are some life and death matters 🙂 )

My summer camp work is done! (I think!) I taught Sunday School this morning at the camp, and Lord willing, we’re coming home to good ‘old Canada on Tuesday.


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