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A real blog post

Posted by joelbyer on July 15, 2007

  So folks! How about a real blog post for a change? Anyway, we’re off to Rock Lake Camp tomorrow morning. Camp meeting is awesome! I love being with God’s people in God’s presence, and just spending time focussing on Him.

In a few weeks, our family will be at Penns Creek Camp Meeting where I’ll be the youth speaker there. That will be exciting…but also a real challenge. Pray that I’ll be able to really connect with the young people.

We had a good service at church this morning, even though a number were away for camp and other related issues. God really helped.

Well, tonight I’m starting a Bible Study series working through James, so come join us.

That’s all for now.

Oh yeah. I turn 32 tomorrow. No cards or gifts please. Just cold cash.


3 Responses to “A real blog post”

  1. Darvin Donahey said

    Tell the wonderful children’s workers at Rock Lake Camp that “The Happy Pastor” and his family said “Hello”!

  2. Carrie said

    Interesting! Robert just started a Bible study on James last week!

  3. Esther said

    Sorry I didn’t send you a B-day card!! If you come to visit me some time soon, I’ll give it to you!!! I was all set this year so send out all by birthday cards on time, but I already messed up.

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