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Aunt May & Canada Day

Posted by joelbyer on July 1, 2007

Yesterday, our family went to the Byer family reunion. (More pictures to come later!) It was great! I got to see people I haven’t seen for approximately a gazillion years (give or take 🙂 ).

Anyway, it was a great surprise to see Aunt May. Growing up as a boy, I had heard often of my great-uncle Joe Nigh (my father’s mother’s brother).

Joe Nigh – as so many soldiers did during the war – married an English war bride. 6 weeks later, he was a paratrooper for the Canadian Armed forces on D-day.

It was to be his last day on earth.

After the war, Aunt May came to Canada, got re-married, and yesterday, I got to meet her for the very first time.

On this Canada Day we salute you, Aunt May, Uncle Joe,  and so many others who sacrificed greatly so that we might enjoy our freedoms. 


Aunt May & Janessa


One Response to “Aunt May & Canada Day”

  1. Karla Bly said

    Hi Joel & Jen,
    Just happened to come across your website. Very nice! Enjoyed seeing our family photos and learning where you are and what you are doing!

    Your former PVBI classmate,
    Karla (Goodyear) Bly
    Brookings, South Dakota

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