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New York Times and the Creation Museum

Posted by joelbyer on May 24, 2007

Now, this is a museum I’d really like to see! Opening on May 28, this museum is based on a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of Creation as found in Scripture. (Which is, of course, exactly how the Bible would have us take this story.)

Of course, the very secular/liberal/naturalistic NY Times doesn’t understand where creationists are coming from, but all in all, the article wasn’t that bad, although obviously written from a “evolution is established fact” vantage point.

But given the museum’s unwavering insistence on belief in the literal truth of biblical accounts, it is strange that so much energy is put into demonstrating their scientific coherence with discussions of erosion or interstellar space. Are such justifications required to convince the skeptical or reassure the believer?

Paragraphs like this show how they think that we believe in the Bible “in spite of science”.

Click here for the Answers in Genesis site.

Or here for the actual museum site…


One Response to “New York Times and the Creation Museum”

  1. We’re planning to go there in about two weeks and we can’t wait. We have a little boy who loves dinosaurs and we’ve been really concerned about having a biblical perspective toward their existence.

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