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Ezra’s Graduation Pictures, etc.

Posted by joelbyer on May 18, 2007

OK folks, over the last few days our family took a quick trip down to Pennsylvania because my younger brother Ezra was getting married…er…graduation…yeah, that’s what it was, I think. Anyway, we stayed at my wife’s family’s place in Penn View for Wed. evening and Thursday, then went down near Berrysburg, where my brother Ezra was graduating with Berrysburg Christian Academy  as a homeschooler.


And here’s all of our family that was able to get there for the graduation.  img_4625sm.jpg

 Here are 4 cousins that I very, very, very rarely get to see anymore. L-R: Brendan Hock,  Judah Nell, Japheth Nell, Nathan Hock. As you can  see, this was a very carefully posed shotimg_4636sm.jpg. img_4649sm.jpgMighty Jeff fellowships with his favourite Uncle Stephen over cookies, baloons, and candles.


‘Net n’ Nana.


One Response to “Ezra’s Graduation Pictures, etc.”

  1. Carrie said

    Um, I’d love to know how you’re related to Brendan Hock. He was attending our church when we started attending and we enjoyed his ministry until he had to leave for his internship. He’s a really nice guy.

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