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Mother’s Day Pictures

Posted by joelbyer on May 15, 2007

Looking handsome, pretty, and cute! I’ll let you figure out which term applies to which person 😉



Here’s pictorial proof that I washed the Sunday dishes. It’s also a side shot of my new hair style…yeah, it does make me look 30 years younger.


4 Responses to “Mother’s Day Pictures”

  1. Chris H. said

    Joel … at least you have enough hair on top to create a new hairdo! I see you are getting dishwashing practice for camp!
    By the way, will you be posting Youth Camp Questions on the Conference web page? Thanks.

  2. You guys look great! You have a beautiful family! It’s great to see you!
    Have you taught the little man “Meatball Stew”?

    Love ya’ll!

    Paul, Sherri, and “The Ladies”

  3. Aaron McCarty said

    “Meatball Stew” is a must learn for him. Also the “P I Z Zed A” song should be a part of his repertoire as well. Another thing, 30 years younger? That would make you like one wouldn’t it?

  4. Esther Brookens ( granddaughter of Russell and Carol Brookens/ Child_Of_The_King) said

    I rly like your new hairstyle. I never noticed until now just how much you and Jeffery look alike! Especially with your new hairstyle.

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