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No turning back

Posted by joelbyer on May 12, 2007

Well folks. My new hair style is here to stay. (see below post) I really like my new green Mohawk. OK, actually it’s only cut shorter and laid straight forward, but it’s so much easier to braid (yeah, kidding again about that last part).

On a related note…actually a totally unrelated note. Our church had its first wedding today since I’ve been pastor. I was afraid we weren’t going to be able to fit everyone in (which is why it’s a challenge to hold weddings here!), but with a few extra chairs and a shoehorn, we got everyone safely inside. Congratulations to Jason and Angela!

On another related note, next week our family is planning to go down to my brother Ezra’s graduation. I didn’t really want to go because we’ve been feuding in our blogs off and on, but as part of my brotherly duties, I feel that the least I can do is show up and embarrass him.


One Response to “No turning back”

  1. esther said

    When do we get to see a picture of your new look????

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