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New hair style

Posted by joelbyer on May 4, 2007

Went to the barber’s today and got a new hair style. Not sure if I want to be seen in public yet.


6 Responses to “New hair style”

  1. Chris H. said

    I went to the barber today as well …

  2. Don Ginter said

    Wow, I did the same. Since nature made me 1/2 bald, I let the barber finish the job. Beard and mustache went too!! =^..^=

  3. Chris H. said

    Josiah got his hair cut too … that makes four — a barbershop quartet?

  4. Darvin Donahey said

    We want pictures!

  5. Hey man!

    Nice new blog… WordPress is the best!

    Come on… let’s see the doo!


  6. Chris H. said

    Looks like Mr. Byer is letting his hair grow back out before posting a picture of his new hair style.

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