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The grass is always greener…

Posted by joelbyer on April 15, 2007

Recently, I’ve been looking at the WordPress blogging system again. It looks nicer and cooler. Ever since Blogger introduced there “advanced” beta program, it’s been sporadic (albeit mostly better now). If I didn’t have approximately a gazillion blog archives, I would probably make the switch pronto, but…anyway.
Anyone do WordPress and recommend it? I actually set up a test blog a while ago here. Oh well, if I make the switch, I’ll be sure to let you my faithful BBB reader know. Rest assure, BBB will continue to provide top-notch, cutting-edge, timely & relevant….um something or other.


2 Responses to “The grass is always greener…”

  1. Angie Davis said

    Travis Johnson is the only person I know with WordPress. You’ll have to ask him.

  2. Jon Plank said

    Joel, I believe there is a blogger importer in WordPress now so you could easily migrate your archived posts over. I’ve considered switching, also. Don’t know if I ever will.

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