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BBB slump

Posted by joelbyer on March 30, 2007

Hey, what’s up with you people? Now we’re only averaging 79 hits a day. Yes, YOU. It’s all your fault. OK, now I’m biting the hand that feeds me.
No wait, actually none of you financially support this site anyway. Don’t you realize how much it costs me to run this thing? Well, actually nothing, but that’s beside the point. Let’s try to step up the hits and start sending in your faith pledges of $100/day. If we just had 1,000 people send me $500 each, I would be a very happy man.
Well, here’s to another frivolous BBB post.

3 Responses to “BBB slump”

  1. Paul said

    Hey brother man!

    Let me know how this scheme works for you! 😉

    It’s great to see your humor still kicking!

    The other day Sherri and I started teaching “The Ladies” the immortal tune, “Meatball Stew”… a personal favorite of mine written by you I believe!

  2. Rex and Missy McDowell said

    You should be very rich soon. If I give a $100 pledge, will you advertise my new weekly blogger’s poll? Maybe I will only pledge $79, since only 79 people are visiting your blog a day instead of 100:).

  3. Joel Byer said

    Ahhh, “Meatball Stew”.
    One of the immortal classics. Unfortunately, I can’t claim credit for that song.
    However, I would have written it had I thought it.

    Thanks too Rex for your $100 pledge. Please remember that this is to be a daily thing, so don’t let me down now :-).

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