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More new blogs

Posted by joelbyer on March 23, 2007

BBB estimates that by the year 2012, there will be approximately 3,592 blog links of friends and family on the right side of this blog. Just a couple of years ago, I only knew a few blogs, now there is – using a very technical term – “oodles and oodles”.
Anyway, we welcome a few new one today.


5 Responses to “More new blogs”

  1. Chris Hilling said

    Thanks for the “plug” about our family’s blog, Joel. I know you must have a popular site because within 2 and half hours time, this post has generated 5 hits … impressive!

  2. Allen Mowery said

    Hmmmm…. I’m assuming that there is a completely rational explanation as to why I have not been featured on your blog. Hmmmm….

    LOL 🙂

  3. Joel Byer said

    Actually that was just me clicking it 5 times (kidding)

    Well, let’s see now. I did forget to mention that all of my friends and family pay me $43/month to be featured on BBB. So, whenever you’re ready…;-)

  4. Jon Earls said

    I think your math was off.

    It will be 3,592.2333 blog links by then…

    By the way, my check is in the mail to pay for my yearly fee for being one of the featured on your site…

  5. Allen Mowery said

    Wow!!! You were definitely fast on that one! I submittded my payment via your automated credit card service, and vuala!, I was added! Thank you so much…you guys offer a wonderful service.

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