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Sad news

Posted by joelbyer on March 13, 2007

While at PVBI, I went to school with Wesley and Daniel McDonald. I was
sorry to hear that their father – “Smokey” McDonald – was killed in
backhoe accident. Pray for the family! They will certainly need it.

heard the news today, so I searched the web, but didn’t find out anymore information other than at Jon Plank‘s blog.

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4 Responses to “Sad news”

  1. Mickey said

    That is so sad! Wesley and Daneial and I attended Bible Methodist Camp in Knoxville together as kids! Please keep us updated on more information! Will definitely be praying!

    soccermom (Michelle)

  2. Anonymous said

    From what our family has learned he was killed when a backhoe he was operating overturned on him.

    Sis. McDonald was away at a school convention in Kentucky when this happened.

    This is definitely a tragedy.

  3. Bethany said

    Joel, I spoke with Dan yesterday and today. Everyone has arrived safely to TN. They will be making arrangements at Neal Funeral Home ( Hopefully the service information will be posted there shortly.

  4. Joel Byer said

    Thanks Bethany for the information. If you have opportunity, relay my condolences and prayers to the entire family.

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