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Man claims to be Christ

Posted by joelbyer on January 28, 2007

OK, this is really weird

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4 Responses to “Man claims to be Christ”

  1. Dwight Donahey said

    I had heard about this guy before, but now it sounds like he is just getting worse.
    One of the questions that I would like to ask him is if he’s Jesus, what does he need body guards for?!

  2. Anonymous said

    What would you say is more starange. His claim of being Jesus or the followers that are believing it?

  3. Angie Davis said

    That’s just kooky. I’d feel really sorry for him, except that he scares me!

  4. Joel Byer said

    Good question about the bodyguards. I’m guessing that’s so he can so he’s on our level, too. 🙂

    It’s all so contradictory, isn’t it?

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