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Christmas Stymies Bloggers, Joel Sets Them Straight

Posted by joelbyer on January 10, 2007

OK, come my fellow bloggers. Christmas is over now! Time to get blogging again. Not to name names, but people like Matt Ellison, Aaron McCarty, Kim Deaton, Keith Waggoner, Jon Krohn, and others have let things slide.
It’s your patriotic duty.
Get busy now.


3 Responses to “Christmas Stymies Bloggers, Joel Sets Them Straight”

  1. Angie Davis said

    I did notice that cousin Jon’s blog never even arrived at Christmas…

  2. Darvin & Dorothy Donahey said

    Thanks for trying to get some of our friends on the move.

  3. Dwight Donahey said

    That’s right! Maybe somebody needs to light a fire (or stick of dynamite) under some people! Oh well, we’ll just keep checking and count on the faithful ones!

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