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New Years Resolutions

Posted by joelbyer on January 1, 2007

OK folks, here is serious post for a change.

Yesterday morning, I preached from Heb. 11 – the great Faith Chapter – and I encouraged the people to write down some things that they will endeavor to have victory OVER, and also write down some things they’ll need victory IN. In Heb. 11:35, there is a divide between people who were delivered FROM problems vs. people who held true WITH problems.

So, here’s my list. The first few things are issues I want to conquer, the second part consists of things I want to have grace to endure:

Things I will – with God’s help – have Victory OVER:
1) More patience with my family. Sometimes I get too uptight. I want Jeffrey to understand my instructions RIGHT away. I need more patience. I long for my 2 young children to think that a Christian dad is just a really attractive way to live.
2) Communicating spiritual values more effectively: At Tim Horton’s, with a young person, in the home of a senior, I want to bring more of God into a conversation and less of the weather and other trivial things. In casual conversation if I can inspire deeper hunger for God…that would be wonderful! This might seem to be a small issue, but I’m convinced it’s huge. Even Christians rarely talk about God in casual conversation. Ever noticed that?
3) Try some new avenues of ministry for God that are risky. Within my community, church, and beyond, I want to try some new things…even if it fails, I’ll learn in the process. Instead of listing what doesn’t work in outreach, I want to be bolder, and just…GO FOR IT!

Things I just need Victory IN – that is, patience to endure:
1) People’s response to the Gospel. Obviously, there is a huge responsibility on my part in how I communicate the Message, but all too often I have fretted about someone’s lack of response, and not let the situation in God’s hands.
2) Failure. I still fail at times! (And here you thought I was perfect!) I can’t change past failure. I can only confess, alter, adjust, or whatever is needed and go on. I can’t change the past, but I can change my attitude towards it.
3) Who I am. That might sound weird, but probably many of you could state, “I am my own best critic”. I need God’s grace to more fully accept what I am and what I am not.

Anyway, there’s the list. Would you breathe a prayer right now that I could achieve these goals?


One Response to “New Years Resolutions”

  1. Darvin & Dorothy Donahey said

    This is very good! Thank you for the challenge.

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