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My cousin Gaylene

Posted by joelbyer on December 27, 2006

My cousin Gaylene lives in Alaska. Today she and her son Martin came down to Cincinnati. Unfortunately, her husband George had to stay behind “babysitting” their dogs. It’s been a number of years now since I’ve seen her, so this was pretty neat!
L-R: Dwight Replogle, Kristen Seese, Yolaina Seese, Yolanda Seese, Janessa Byer, Gaylene Hosier, Dorinda Seese, Sindy Replogle


5 Responses to “My cousin Gaylene”

  1. Jessica (Mong) Mintonye said

    Hi Joel,

    I came across your site when looking to find any old friends and acquaintances from the Pleasant Valley days. What a suprise to find your site. I don’t think I have seen you or your family since our family spent several days with your family in Canada. Goodness, I think Ezra was baby if I remember right! Where does time go? Anyhow, I also found several people on Facebook! I guess I will have to give in and sign up for an account so that I can get back in touch with everyone! Do you happen to have one? I enjoyed the pictures of Dwight and Sindy ..I haven’t seen them since my wedding 10 years ago! Hope you are doing well and you have a beautiful family!

  2. joelbyer said

    We’re doing well!
    Great to hear from you!
    Yes, I remember that vacation fairly well.

    I do have a Facebook account. Just type in my name, and so far I’m the only Joel_Byer.

    So, how are things going, where do you live, and what do you do now? 🙂

  3. Rachel Shetterly said

    Wow! I haven’t seen the Seese’s or the rest of the family pictured above in years! That’s cool to see them! Thanks for posting…any suggestions on how to contact YoLanda?

  4. joelbyer said

    I don’t have Yolanda’s e-mail…perhaps you could try Pony Express? 🙂

  5. Rachel Shetterly said

    Ha, ha! I just have to tell her a funny story. A long time ago when she was little girl, she had a doll she would bring to church. I asked her one day what her doll’s name was. I thought she said, “Abigail Fig”. What she really said was “Abigail Faith”. I would always tease her about the middle name being ‘Fig’. So a few years after our oldest child was born, I was thinking about that story and realized…yep…her name is Abigail Faith! Just thought it was kinda funny…tease her about it, and I end up with the name, too! Of course Kristen was just a little, itsy, bitsy guy then, too. Makes me feel really OLD.

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