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I’m Time’s person of the year

Posted by joelbyer on December 18, 2006

That’s right. Yes, I’m serious. (Although clarification is need!)
This year, Time magazine has chosen everyone who gets on the internet as their person of the year (so you’re person of the year too. Although this might at first seem to be a rather trivial choice, I believe they’re right on.
The Internet has been impacting culture for a number of years now, but never like just recently. Back in the “good old days” elite powers could make highly questionable decisions, but now Joe Blogger gets wind of a decision, posts on the net, and PRESTO!, the cover is blown.

On a more local level…
MyHoliness (this Conservative Holiness site started in August or so, and now has over a third of a million hits!!! Users (as of this blog post) have posted a total of 31763 articles within 1564 topics)
And other sites like these will be affecting the Conservative Holiness Movement more and more.

Sites like these are the new wave of the Internet. Just ordinary people suddenly impacting the world in ways never before seen.
I love it.


One Response to “I’m Time’s person of the year”

  1. Angie Davis said

    Just be sure you use your powers for good and not evil! 😉

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