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Dion’s dual-citizenship (Canadian politics – Americans, ignore this one)

Posted by joelbyer on December 8, 2006

I am one of 691,300 people living in Canada who have dual-citizenship (American/Canadian). Recently, Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticized the new Liberal leader, Stephane Dion who has dual France/Canada citizenship. Here are a list of other MP’s with dual-citizenship.

  • Omar Alghabra (Ontario Liberal), with Syria.
  • Raymond Chan (British Columbia Liberal), with the United Kingdom.
  • Libby Davies (British Columbia NDP), with the United Kingdom.
  • Jim Karygiannis (Ontario Liberal), with Greece.
  • Wajid Khan (Ontario Liberal), with Pakistan.
  • Maka Kotto (Quebec Bloc Québécois), with France.
  • Pablo Rodriguez (Quebec Liberal), with Argentina.
  • Michael Savage (Nova Scotia Liberal), with the United Kingdom.
  • Mario Silva (Ontario Liberal), with Portugal.
  • Lui Temelkovski (Ontario Liberal), with Macedonia.
  • Myron Thompson (Alberta Conservative), with the United States.

Question: should the potential Prime Minister of Canada have dual-citizenship? It doesn’t seem right, though I am dual myself. If anyone should be all-Canadian, shouldn’t the Leader of the Opposition be one?


One Response to “Dion’s dual-citizenship (Canadian politics – Americans, ignore this one)”

  1. Jonathan said

    I think he will do as the governor general did and renounce his foreign citizenship. Its nice to see you admiting that Dion will lead the Liberals back into power in the next election 🙂

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