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The Russians have come!

Posted by joelbyer on November 16, 2006

Yes folks, the Russians are coming again. An alleged spy was arrested in Montreal. My question is, what is there to spy on in Canada? I know that our military ranks in the top 200 nations of the world, and yes we do have sophisticated water guns, but…


4 Responses to “The Russians have come!”

  1. Angie Davis said

    Maybe they’re just trying to figure out what that word “Eh” means. It could be a secret code…

  2. ESTHER said

    You’re being disloyal.

  3. ezra said

    No, they’re coming to spread the mad cow disease

  4. Matt said

    I say he missed the Soviet Union and Canada was the next best option. They shouldn’t have treated him that way. Of course, that probably makes it feel more homey.

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