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Getting what they deserve

Posted by joelbyer on November 8, 2006

Well, on the morning after a Democratic landslide, here’s some of my developing thoughts:

The Republicans got what they deserved. Some of you might not like me saying that, but I really think it’s true. Don’t get me wrong, I’m far closer to Republicans on most issues than Democrats, but over the last few years, the Republicans offered:
1)Anemic leadership
2) Runaway spending
3) Lack of accountability for numourous ethical scandals
4) Lack of accountability for botched pre-Iraq War intelligence
5) Lots of conservative cliches, but actual liberal policies
6) Betrayal of evangelical Christian’s values…just the ones who played a huge role in their ’04 successes.
As I say, they got what they deserved.
Of course, America will suffer with its choice, because yes the Democrats are worse. Nancy Pelosi is about as moderate as Chairman Mao. But that’s been part of the problem with the Republicans! Instead of dealing with their own problems, they just compared themselves with the other side of the aisle…”at least we’re not as bad as them.” As a result, the Republican base was not enthused, evangelical Christians we’re disgusted with moral and ethical scandals, and the liberal base got back to their short-sighted by fiery anti-Vietnam roots.

3 Responses to “Getting what they deserve”

  1. Anonymous said

    Well said, sir. I am a Republican and vote Republican most of the time and I couldn’t agree with you more on the outcome of this election. I think the party has felt safe for several years now because of being in the White House and controlling Congress and they have forgotten who put them there. Futhermore, I think they have forgotten just what “conservative” means. Aside from a few issues, its hard to distinguish many Republicans from Democrats. One theme I have heard from the Liberals throughout this campaign is that they want their country back. As a conservative I have thought the same thing for a few years now even with Republicans in power. Oh well, in a few years, the Democrats will still have things in a mess and the Republicans will get voted back in. Check history. That’s the way it goes.
    Aaron McCarty

  2. Joel Byer said

    Hopefully they do get voted back in soon. As an important side-note, Republicans have done SOME things right. For instance, Bush appointed 2 conservative Supreme Court judges. That’s huge.
    But for now, I hope they go back to their conservative core, instead of misinterpreting this vote as an opportunity to nominate a pro-choice Republican Presidential candidate for ’08.

  3. Anonymous said

    Joel…I hate to admit it but everything you said is true. I am just glad God is still in control because without that fact our future as one nation under God is pretty bleak.


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