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Blogger Sets World Record

Posted by joelbyer on November 6, 2006

I’ve done it, folks! I’ve set a new world record for longest times between posts here on BBB. To my legions of fans who read this, my humblest apologies for my dismal failure. However, rest assure, BBB will soon return to its previous excellence.

Um, yeah :-).
Seriously, we just finished Fall Revival with Rev. M.R. McCrary last evening. It was great! God really used him to be a “Barnabas” of encouragement to our church. It was just very needed and timely preaching.

In other news…
My wife today has been in the kitchen cackling with glee. She just got a new juicer. Um, by this is mean, she got a new one. Wait. By that I mean she got one that was brand new. She’s never had an old one. Anyway, I look forward to guzzling carrot juice. …nose twitches, ears perk…


4 Responses to “Blogger Sets World Record”

  1. Darvin Donahey said

    We have missed the BBB posts. We knew you were in revival, so the other evening someone thought maybe the evangelist preached about the internet and you quit blogging.

  2. Angie Davis said

    Glad revival went well, but Joel, CARROT juice? Ick.

  3. Joel Byer said

    Good guess, Darvin! 🙂

  4. Anonymous said

    Carrot Juice!!!!Please save some for MIL. I will be there in a few days. I am bringing an assortment of “other” veggies for juicing so now you have something to look forward to.

    Love ya

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