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The World’s Most Dangerous Man?

Posted by joelbyer on October 25, 2006

Here’s another political post. I find it incredible that so little attention is being given these days to Vladimir Putin. In a recent story, Putin states that he will continue to remain an influence after he leaves office in 2008, as required by the Russian constitution. Here is a man who has:
1) Pretty much shut down all mainstream, independant media
2) Heavily interfered with the lucrative oil industry (and note how everyone accuses Bush of invading Iraq for oil!)
3) Reduced political opposition to almost nil. The parliament, as I understand, as become little more than a rubbler-stamping committee.
4) Expressed regret over the demise of the Soviet Union.

This should be extremely alarming, yet almost no one seems to share any concern.


One Response to “The World’s Most Dangerous Man?”

  1. […] It seems that politics focuses obsessively on the present and recent past, and often ignores the future. Someday the problems in Iraq, high price of oil, etc may pale in comparison to perhaps the most dangerous man in all the world…as I posted here back in 2006. […]

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