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Thoughts on American Politics

Posted by joelbyer on October 21, 2006

As most of you know, I’m a keen follower of politics. In the US, it appears likely now that the Republicans will lose the House of Representatives and possibly even the Senate. I’m a staunch conservative politically, and I generally am much closer to Republicans on various issues, but over the last few years, the Republicans in my opinion have given weak and ineffective leadership. There has been:
1) Continued runaway spending
2) Failure to really acknowledge the Iraq problem
3) Disgusting Foley scandal and other character issues
4) Lack of clear vision and consistent conservative ideology

Now the alternatives will be probably be worse. Nancy Pelosi (click title above) is poised to become the next Speaker of the House. She is a staunch San Francisco liberal. However, while I would still grudgingly support the Republicans if I lived in the States, yet I feel that they will deserve what they get come Nov. 7.
Feel free to comment! And remember, these opinions are strictly mine…not related to any church or organization’s.

7 Responses to “Thoughts on American Politics”

  1. Anonymous said

    The alternatives wouldn’t be just probably worse, they would be without a doubt, disasterous. Whether or not the Republicans deserve what they get, I hope for the sake of my beloved country that they don’t. Democrats are consumed by such a hate for Pres. Bush and conservatives, and have been for so long, it has ended up permiating their entire thought processes, and has eaten away at their rationality, affecting their ability to rule this country in a logical, effecitive way. They don’t care about what’s best for this Counry, all they care about is bringing Pres. Bush down. If it interferes with their anti-bush, anti-conservative agenda, it’s no good in their eyes. I know the Republicans have made a lot of mistakes also, but at least they are not controled by an agenda of hate, and are at least trying to make decisions based on what’s good for this country, and protect it. A Democratic ruled government would be like having a group of madmen at the helm. (Hate unchecked, has a way of doing that, turning people into coocks and nuts, just look at the news). And actully, I think a lot of Americans are smart enough to realize that, and I don’t believe that the outcome of the election will be as favorable to Democrats as they might like to hope.
    A Concerned American Citizen

  2. Ben said

    While we don’t agree with all the ways of the republicans we must remember we are talking about politics and not something else. In politics you never get what you want…neither side ever does. I am just thankful that we had republicans in control of Washington when we needed to get new Supreme Court justices on the bench. I am thankful that we had President Bush in office when we needed to face terror threats and attacks. I am thankful that we had republicans in office to give tax cuts. I am thankful that we had republicans in office to outlaw partial-birth abortions. I am thankful that we had republicans to defend our national motto. No, I don’t totally agree with all republicans…but thank God for them. If we stay home from the polls on election day instead of voting we are no better than liberals.

  3. Joel Byer said

    Good points all, and I sympathize, but again where is accountability for “our side” when they seriously fall short in sticking by their principles?
    I agree Ben that in politics we don’t always get what we want, but there has been some especially serious shortcomings this time around.

    And yes, I agree that getting out and voting is by far the best option!

  4. Ezra said

    Yep, it’ll take a term or two out of office for Republicans to come to their senses. My guess is that Sean Hanity will co-partner with Glen Beck in a 2012 stap at the White House but that’s just my belief.

  5. Anonymous said

    Why does everyone keep talking like the Democrats have a sure win this fall? If you think the Americans are smart enough to notice all the mistakes and bad decisions the Republicans have made, what makes you think they haven’t been able to observe the Democrats short commings also, which are a whole lot worse. You’d think if they’re upset about what the Rep. have done, they’d for sure not want to put up with Dem. leadership.

  6. Joel Byer said

    True, the Democrats have made numerous mistakes, but when a party isn’t in power, it doesn’t show on the radar so much.

    The point I’m trying to make is that the Republicans need to start getting some self-accountability and though IMO the Democrats are… ‘fess up and reform!

  7. Ken DV said

    I will quickly leave this comment before I head out of the house and before the results of today’s vote come out.
    Perhaps the congressional control should move to the Democrats, unfortunate though that time may be, so that Americans can wake up to the reality of the moral and political mess they would have if the Democrats regain the White House and keep either the HOR or Senate in 2008. Better 2 yrs of some control, checked by a Republican executive, than 4 yrs or more of debauchery under Democrats after 2008. The GOP “Contract with America” resurgence in 1994 came after they were slapped for losing their principles (and all control) in 1992. Maybe a slap today will help them back to their senses.

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