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What is a Succah?

Posted by joelbyer on October 17, 2006

Greg Wolfe – my friend from PVBI days who now lives in Israel – has just recently posted on his blog again. Of course due to the rarity of his posts, every one is cause for celebration :-). He has a picture of a succah (which of course we all know what that is) plus this paragraph.

We are (as usual) in the middle of the holidays right now. This year “the world’s largest succah” was erected in the square in front of City Hall, and inside was a display of variations on the theme of the succah. I thought this innovative approach was one of the most clever.Chag Sameach!

Obviously I understand exactly what he is talking about, but probably many of you don’t. So, perhaps some of you might want to enlighten the unlearned by leaving a comment.

2 Responses to “What is a Succah?”

  1. Malcolm said

    To those fellow readers who were also not familiar with the term “succah”, I present this link to an article about it:

    Back to the Succah

  2. Joel Byer said

    Thanks Malcolm for filling in the gap in my knowledge…
    No, I really didn’t know 🙂

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