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The Eve of Wedding Eve

Posted by joelbyer on September 28, 2006

Titus & Cherie – July 2006

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News #2

Posted by joelbyer on September 27, 2006

1) We’re building a fence. No, it’s not for illegal immigrants – although certainly many Americans would love to be here – it’s for Jeffrey and Janessa. My wife wanted a place where they could play without getting on the road and so on.
2) The World Chess Championship game today was drawn, meaning Kramnik still leads Topalov with 2 wins and 2 ties in 4 games.
3) Titus and Cherie are getting married! Oh yeah, I already mentioned that.

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Posted by joelbyer on September 26, 2006

News Item #1: This is the big week for Titus & Cherie! They are getting married this Saturday. I don’t have any pictures yet from the wedding, because, well, if you can’t figure out why, you need some help. However!!!! Photo report will follow. Bro. Jones and I are performing the ceremony. It’s pretty cool to be able to marry your brother. Note to editor: please clarify that weird-sounding statement.

News Item#2: Kramnik won his second game in the chess championship, and tied the third. This is pretty unusual to take this big of a lead this soon into a championship match. Usually, the majority of games are drawn…

News Item#3: On Keith Waggoner’s blog, he held a contest for winning a new CD. People posted their name on his site, and he held a draw recorded live on video. The name was drawn out of the hat…it wasn’t me. However, he had another name drawn to see who WOULD have won, and it was…well, my name. Unfortunately, he was not moved with compassion to even give me a runner-up prize…just made some taunt about “better luck next time”. But of course, I forgive him, being the magnanimous man that I am.

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Chess World Championship

Posted by joelbyer on September 23, 2006

Vladimir Kramnik vs. Veselin Topalov playing game 1
I’m a big chess buff.
Right now as I post, the chess world championship is going on! This is probably the most significant human chess match since 2000. Check out the live game here.
12:28 Update: Kramnik appears to have the edge… here’s another place to see the game live

Final Update: Kramnik wins!The World Championship between Veselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik started with a fighting 75-move game that lasted six and a half hours. Topalov played a novelty on move 12, and achieved a drawing position. But he pressed for a win, blundered and lost.” Taken from Chess Base
This will be a 12 games series…and no I won’t fill up my blog with extensive chess analysis :-), so relax!

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Even the Toronto Star couldn’t miss this one…

Posted by joelbyer on September 22, 2006

Thousands of Canadians…cheering their troops…it’s the kind of Canada I like to see! Even the extremly liberal Toronto Star had to make notice of this story.

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The 400 Richest Americans

Posted by joelbyer on September 22, 2006

Forbes has just come out with its annual list of the 400 richest Americans. As expected, Gates and Buffet are at the top. Number 3, however, is a surprise. The man pictured above is is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, with a net worth up $9 billion. He has made almost $1 million an hour since the 2004 Forbes 400 was published.
So…quick question…If he has made that much off of casinos and hotels, where does that money primarily come from? Perhaps people who gamble? Perhaps people who foolishly wasted billions all together? Yeah, being a sinner sure makes sense to me! 🙂
Click here for the 400 list

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Recent Family Pictures

Posted by joelbyer on September 20, 2006

Janessa finds that this horse doesn’t always get up and go.
Jen took this picture this evening. We have/had colds around these parts, so Jen gave Jeffrey and Janessa a vapour bath to help them feel better. Someday I’ll show their future girlfriend/boyfriend this picture.
Last night we played “Buzzie Bee”…kind of. That bee on the end of the band is magnetic and it picks up the little balls on the board and you see how many you can pick up. Janessa cheated.

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Hungarian Prime Minister under stress

Posted by joelbyer on September 18, 2006

As you, my faithful BBB reader know, Hungarian politics is rarely discussed around these parts, but this story I read this evening totally me! The Hungarian Prime Minister was caught on tape telling some of his associates things such as, ““It is obvious that we have lied throughout the past 18 months to two years. It’s clear that what we said wasn’t true. “
Needless to say, this doesn’t sit well with your average Hungarian.

Rarely do politicians get caught so blatantly lying as in this case! Click here for story.

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Spinach Crisis Rocks Nation

Posted by joelbyer on September 18, 2006

As most of you know, the Americans to the south are being attacked by giant marauding gangs of spinach leaves. Needless to say, if you live in the U.S. please do not venture outside unless accompanied by authorized personnel.
DO NOT SCOFF AT THIS THREAT! This is currently the
lead story at so I know your country is in grave peril. Already 1 person has died. This means there are only 290 million or so Americans left. I suspect that it’s just another clever attack by Osama bin Laden. Who would think of it? He did, obviously. (I shudder to think of Bin Laden…in a cave…alone…with spinach…and lit fuses.)
So in order to keep everyone safe, BBB suggests the following precautions (
in addition to what has already been noted):
1) Do NOT visit grocery stores. There have been no confirmed reports yet of spinach leaping at the throats of unwary customers, but there’s always a first for everything.
2) Stay AWAY from spinach farms.
3) Stay away from spinach FARMERS.
4) Do not EAT food. Scientists are unanimously agreed that the E. coli rates in America will go down once eating is abolished.
5) Always exaggerate and overblow every problem that you hear about because on a slow
news day, it’s always good to panic.

BBB – keeping you safe and informed.

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What the barber did to our Jeff and his dad’s hair…

Posted by joelbyer on September 16, 2006

What the barber did to our Jeff and his dad’s hair yesterday. 🙂
Yeah, it’s pretty short. No, I’m not planning to join the Marines.

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2 Sets of Rules

Posted by joelbyer on September 15, 2006

Here’s my controversial political post of the day.
The Pope is in trouble. He cited an obscure Medieval text (without condoning or condeming) that characterizes some of the teachings of Islam’s founder as “evil and inhuman.” The resulting outrage reveals 2 sets of rules.

1) Non-Muslim rules:
A) Any criticism of Islam will be met with intimidation and possible violence
B) There shall be no intelligent disussion of Islam’s religious origins.
C) In talking of Islam, super-sensitivity is a must

2) Muslim rules:
A) It’s OK to compare the Pope to Hitler
B) It’s OK to even get violent if necessary (remember the Danish cartoons?)
C) In talking of Christianity, any attack is fine. The veracity of the attack doesn’t matter.

Don’t get me wrong, perhaps the Pope was too careless in this speech, and yes we should be sensitive to other’s religions, but as I say…2 sets of rules.

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The Secret of being a Good Wife

Posted by joelbyer on September 14, 2006

I found this article on Keith Waggoner’s blog. I sure hope Jen reads it.

(For those of you who have no sense of humour and take everything in life deadly serious, please don’t read it.)

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