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My friends are losers

Posted by joelbyer on July 31, 2006

Yes, I know this sounds harsh, but this is the inescapable conclusion that I have come to after searching a number of my friend’s blogs this evening.
There’s Titus for instance. Shamelessly begging for blogging ideas. Yes, he is my brother, but it’s a little emberassing to see such intellectual bankruptcy.
Then there’s Aaron. My good friend from college days must still be in Canada, because he hasn’t blogged since. Ironically, his blog is titled “Just thinking”. He must have stopped thinking for 2 weeks now. Or maybe he only thinks a thought every other week. hmmmm
Matt Ellison’s last post is about fishing. He posted this on Sunday, July 16. Maybe he has stopped blogging since in honour of my birthday that day, but I suspect the real reason is that he needs to get a life.
Joe Krohn hasn’t even pretended to keep on blogging this summer. He’s on hiatus ’til the fall…if he ever resumes, that is. It’s really neat to read a blog post that there aren’t going to be any blog posts!
Then there’s Japheth. My cousin has had this corny joke on there for ages now. It was funny the first 1,362 times I saw it, but the punch line’s getting old now. Mr. Humphrey’s grandchildren are probably dead and buried by now. Obviously, my cousin needs some counselling about the finer points of humour. TRY MORE THAN 1 JOKE!
Dan of Branson Misouri fame obviously needs a little creativity boost too. It’s good to know that he speaks 5% Midwestern though. I’ve spent my sleepless nights wondering, and it’s so good to finally know.
I won’t even comment much on that hamster blog, but suffice to say, it’s really, really weird.

So on this hot summer evening I pause to think for a moment. WHAT AM I DOING WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE? What does this say about my personality and character? What does this say about my quality of life? If you are who your friends are, then who am I? Uhhhh, better change the subject.

Thankfully, however, I do have some friends, who have posted riveting, fun-filled action-packed items of interest.
Take Jon Plank for instance. He has – drum roll please – just posted a new RSS feed for his site!!!!!!!!!! Truly breath-taking.
You also won’t want to miss Jon Krohn’s article on Luca Pacioli “Father of Accounting”.
I was ready to slam Jon Earls too, but I see’s he’s posted pictures of cars with snowplows or something so I’ll desist there. After all, I LOVE cars with snowplows! (Just in case you were wondering, I try to keep friends named “Jon” at about 50% of all friends I have. If I get a new friend who is not named Jon, I either ask him to change his name or find another friend named Jon)

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed poking fun at all of you tonight. You can fire back at me too! I can take it ;-).


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Sending a little encouragement YOUR way!

Posted by joelbyer on July 30, 2006

Sending a little encouragement YOUR way!

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Inspirational thought of the day

Posted by joelbyer on July 30, 2006

Inspirational thought of the day

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Serious Warning

Posted by joelbyer on July 28, 2006

Court orders bullying mother-in-law to pay up –
In reflection of this blog’s newfound seriousness, it is my duty to pass on this solemn story that should serve as a warning about the dangers of mothers-inlaw. It’s BBB’s service to YOU.

In another very important issue with world-wide ramifications, here’s an article on meat ice cream.
There, see I told you I was going to be more serious from now on.

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Titus Byer & Cherie Jones taken this last Sunday. …

Posted by joelbyer on July 27, 2006

Titus Byer & Cherie Jones taken this last Sunday. My brother is getting married September 30.

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Ricky: 2000-2006

Posted by joelbyer on July 26, 2006

Today I had to send Ricky away to be put down. Ricky was our beagle, and although he was annoying at times, and not very intelligent, I did feel a little sad about making this decision, but both Jen and I felt that it was time. 😦
Ricky suffered seizures, and they were becoming more frequent until yesterday, he had trouble throughout the day with walking because his back 2 legs would seize up.
Jen suggested that he would go to beagle heaven where he would be able to chase rabbits all the time. However, it sure wouldn’t sound like heaven to a rabbit. Maybe it would be just where all the bad rabbits are sent with the good ones sent somewhere else. 🙂
Anyway, this is the not so glad BBB news of the day.

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Jen, Jeffrey, and Janessa at Rock Lake Camp

Posted by joelbyer on July 25, 2006

Jen, Jeffrey, and Janessa at Rock Lake Camp

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Mature & Dignified

Posted by joelbyer on July 25, 2006

In order to reflect my newfound maturity and dignity, this blog appropriately takes on a new look today. No more joking, no more fun, no more terrible puns, only serious stuff. It will be mostly Socrates and Shakespeare from now on. So read the following…and enjoy…no wait…endure.

Much deserved on his part and equally remembered by
Don Pedro: he hath borne himself beyond the
promise of his age, doing, in the figure of a lamb,
the feats of a lion: he hath indeed better
bettered expectation than you must expect of me to
tell you how.

The above is from William Shakespeare’s classic, “Much Ado about Nothing”. I have no clue what it means, only that it reflects my newfound seriousness.

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Long, LONG camp report.

Posted by joelbyer on July 24, 2006

What a camp we had this last week! For a long and exhausitve photo report that will make your eyes glaze over, click here.

We actually had a very good camp in spite of all that happened. The first Sunday morning, there was a very generous missions offering taken, and many young people came to the altar to dedicate their lives to the Lord’s work. I wasn’t there, for the first weekend, but I received some great reports.
Then Monday! At around 6PM or so, we had a fierce storm come up with terrific winds (for MI), tornado warnings, and the whole 9 yards :-). Our electricity was knocked out ’til Wednesday afternoon, came back on for a few hours, and then promptly went off again during Wednesday evening service! Finally, late Thursday morning it came on for good. What did we do during this time? Improvisation of course! Generators, flashlights, etc. helped the meals to continue, and the showers and restrooms to run on a limited basis. A lot of people worked very hard cleaning up the branches, moving generators around, supplying flashlights, and fiddling with fuse boxes for long periods of time.
Just like the old days 🙂
It was said though – and I agree – that the storm only served to draw us closer together as a camp. God helped us to keep focused on Him, and even though Monday evening service had to be cancelled, on Tuesday we had some good services with people seeking the Lord Tuesday evening in the dim light.
By the time the last weekend rolled around, the whole hub-bub had mostly, it seems, slipped to the back of our minds as we focused on seeking the Lord. On Saturday afternoon we had an excellent Baptismal service, and on Sunday morning our Conference President preached an excellent message.
Our workers did an excellent job as well, and flexibly worked with all of the set-backs and difficulties. Rev. Jim Plank, Rev. Richard Humble, preached anointed messages, and the Searles and Davis’s meaningfully ministered through singing and children’s work.
Update: Personal memo: try not to use the word “excellent” more than 352 times in one blog post…look for sininums…cinnamons? or something like that 🙂

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Posted by joelbyer on July 20, 2006

Just a quick update this week for the blog as our family is at Rock Lake Bible Methodist camp.
This camp has been…uh…well…electrifying!
Monday evening, we had a fierce storm blow through…in fact probably the strongest winds I’ve ever been in. If it would have gone just a little bit stronger, the camp grounds could have been in really big trouble.
However, the winds did knock out power ’til Wednesday. Quick question: What do you do when your whole camp is out of power? Answer: You use generators and Wal-mart drinking water!
Anyway, last evening the electric was back on, but then in the evening service the lights went mysteriously dim, and you guessed it! Another power outage.
Finally late this morning, the power came back on.
It’s been unbelievable!
Please pray though, as there is a definite spiritual dimension to all this. We don’t want this to be a distraction from serving the Lord.
I guess, we’ll all just go back to the good old days :-).

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Off to camp again

Posted by joelbyer on July 17, 2006

Well, it’s off to camp again! This time to Rock Lake, MI, where our family will be staying this week. We are anticipating the Lord’s help and presence.
Also, just in case people read BBB and take it seriously all the time, the post below of course we me just being stupid :-). Yes, it was my birthday, but the rest of that was just hot air.
I’ll see if I can update this blog sometime during the week…

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Happy Birthday!

Posted by joelbyer on July 16, 2006

Just wanted to take this opportunity to wish myself a Happy Birthday.

Happy 31st Birthday, Joel!

Uh, thanks. I just appreciate myself for being so thoughtful.

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