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I rode in an ambulance today

Posted by joelbyer on December 20, 2005

Well…I suppose you might want a few more details than that so here goes. Over the last few days, Jeffrey has had a pretty nasty cough and has had some difficulty breathing. Last night it seemed worse than ever, so finally I took Jeffrey to the emergency room in Wallaceburg hospital. He had croup. After giving him some medication a couple of times and observing him for a few hours, they decided to send him on down to Chatham via ambulance sometime around 2:30 AM. (Chatham is a city with a bigger hospital.)

This wasn’t at all what I had expected, to say the least, but there we went! Thankfully, after a few hours of monitoring at Chatham hospital, Jeffrey was feeling better, breathing easier, and ready to go.

Then to top it all off, today he was scheduled to go to Sarnia (a city just about the opposite direction from us) for a hearing test. So, I got back from the hospital in Chatham just before noon, got a shower, ate a quick bite, then headed off for Sarnia.

It just goes to show; some days are pretty routine, then there are those other ones…


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